Action Status

A utility for monitoring and configuring Github Actions.

Monitor: Input the details of your open-source repositories and GitHub Actions workflow files, and get a live update of their success/failure status.

Create: Generate a workflow file for a repository. Choose from a template of options, including which platforms to build for, which Swift versions to test against, whether to post notifications to Slack, upload logs, and so on. Also updates your README file with a header showing the platforms and Swift versions that you support.

Synchronise: The list of repositories is stored in iCloud and synchronised across all your devices. You can scan a folder on your Mac and quickly enter all the repositories found there, then monitor them on your mobile devices.

Download: Action Status is available for macOS, iOS and tvOS from the App Store. There is also a macOS beta version available for direct download.

Pricing: Action Status only works with open-source repositories, and is currently free. It’s also currently open-source itself. At some point in the future I may limit the free version to a modest number of repos, and charge a tiny subscription for professional features.

Pro Features: I built this thing for myself, and at this stage it’s quite basic. I plan to add some pro features, including: support for private repos, more and expanded workflow templates, push notification support, Apple watch support, and more. This is more likely to happen if I know that other people are interested too, so please leave me a feature request, or bug report. Pull requests also welcome!